Mr Mine

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Mr Mine builds an ideal gaming environment to become a miner. It's possible to dig thousands of secret kilometers underground for minerals in 3 worlds.

New worlds will open and you can explore them easily after learning 3 main sections: Mr Mine Unblocked, Guides For Mining, and Details About Mr Mine Depth. Let's start with the first one!

Mr Mine Unblocked

Mr Mine Unblocked develops on the principle of entertainment for all players with typical mining gameplay. The version on our website is the unblocked edition and you can easily access it anywhere. This volume will also have all the functions of the main game, but it has been integrated with the ability to unblock for the convenience of players. Let's explore the basic features of this mining game with the first part, 3 Worlds To Explore.

3 Worlds To Explore

3 worlds to explore include Earth, Moon, and Titan. They are the three worlds that you can experience in this mining game. You will start with Earth. After mining all the minerals and exploring the entire Earth, you can continue with the Moon world and it is similar to the Titan world. The difference between the three worlds is now evident in the geological layers where you can mine different minerals.

However, there is one common feature in all three of these worlds: they have 3 Centers that will be clearly displayed on the main screen: Craft Center, Hire Center, and Sell Center.

  • Craft Center allows you to use blueprints to upgrade your drill. Blueprints are design recipes that allow you to combine materials and money to upgrade drills. Through that, you can increase your mining productivity.
  • Hire Center has the function of hiring employees to exploit. The price of the workers will gradually increase. Along with that, labor productivity will also increase.
  • Sell Center is similar to an exchange where you can decide to sell the minerals you want. This Mr Mine game allows you to run out all in one go or only sell one or a few minerals. Selling minerals is important because you cannot continue mining if the capacity is full.

Note that the Moon world and the Titan world will have their own Hire Centers to hire and upgrade workers. With these common features, all 3 worlds will have the same operating and mining principles. What you need to do most now is to master the functions of each center and some other information on the main screen.

Some Other Information

Some other information will show important details about quests, tickets, and shortcut bars for important functions on the main screen.

First, notice the old miner sitting in the Craft Center. By clicking on this miner, a list of 100 quests will appear. The number of requests is large for all worlds and you can conquer them gradually through your mining. Note that some quests are secret until you drill to the required depth to conquer that quest. Mr Mine achievements will appear after you complete them and you will receive well-deserved rewards.

Second, open the door to the left of the Craft Center to buy tickets. These tickets will help you open treasure chests in the Use Tickets part. The items in the treasure chest are extremely precious and rare. You can barely find them during your digging. In the lower right corner of the Use Tickets section, you can enter the code to redeem and receive other valuable items.

Finally, pay attention to the left, right and top bars on the main screen. Each of these bars will show important information as well as shortcuts to play the game more easily. The left sidebar will help you monitor the depth of the drill as well as the position you are observing. The right sidebar shows settings, shortcuts of crafting to upgrade the drill, and slots to unlock special geological formations like the Super Miner Building and Trading Post. The top bar also expresses details about the world, minerals, building materials, money, drilling depth, and the capacity of the warehouse.

All of this information is simple for the players to keep track of and capture. However, applying them to the playing process can encounter some difficulties and challenges. That's why you should continue with our next part, Guides For Mining.

Guides For Mining

Guides For Mining will guide you in detail with all the necessary processes to have the most enjoyable gaming experience. You won't be able to play without knowing the basic rules of the game and two of the principles of this idle game are how to start mining and Mr Mine upgrades.

How To Start Mining

How to start mining can be the most asked question for many players because it is difficult to know how to mine minerals at the first time. After typing your name and accessing New Game, the main interface of the game will appear with the main components that were mentioned above. The first thing you need to do is look underground and find minerals. Once found, click on those minerals to collect them. These minerals will immediately be brought to your inventory. You can decide to sell them or continue to collect other minerals until the capacity is full. Once the capacity is full, your only option is to sell off items to make more space for new loot.

The proceeds from minerals can be used for a variety of purposes. You can hire workers at the Hire Center to automate the mining process instead of clicking. You can also choose to upgrade your drill through the Craft Center with blueprints to drill faster and deeper. During mining, you can entertain yourself with one interesting feature from this mining game: miners can talk and make interesting conversations if you click on them. This makes your mining life come alive.

With this gameplay, every task will become easier after you do the automation and you can also get more support after hiring managers or scientists. Your task then just needs to monitor the storage capacity, sell off minerals as needed, and upgrade. Keeping track of capacity is always easy as it always shows a percentage in the upper bar while it is also simple to sell minerals at the Sell Center. So, all that's left is Mr Mine upgrades.

Mr Mine Upgrades

Mr Mine upgrades are an important factor to create excitement for players because of their interesting features.

The update will bring a lot of productivity benefits. However, not everyone knows how to update. To make this work, blueprints will play a very important role. After accessing the Craft Center section, you will see a list of 16 blueprints corresponding to 16 different upgrade recipes. Each blueprint will help you upgrade a certain element for the drill and corresponding to it are different recipes. A few specific examples of blueprints are provided below.

  • Steam Engine increases drilling speed by 800% with level 2 and base watts at 5. With these blueprints, you only need to spend $ 150 to upgrade.
  • Triple Fans increase drill speed by 8,970% with level 3 and base watts to 35. Triple Fans recipe will be more demanding when you need to use $15K, 900 copper, and 200 silver.
  • Micro Cargo is the next example of a blueprint to increase drill speed by 900% with level 3 and base watts 0. However, it will increase your capacity by 15,000. Its claims are $15K, 125 copper, and 15 platinum.

Other blueprints will be similar and you only need to collect enough necessary items such as minerals and money to apply these blueprints.

In addition to using blueprints to level up drills, you can upgrade structures to unlock special properties. There are 3 unique blueprints to upgrade the structure and they are rated as top level: Trading Post to trade for minerals, chests, and more, Metal Detector to help find chests within the mine, and Manager to manage your mine when you are offline and allows you to lock minerals.

Now, it's time to come to the last section, called Details About Mr Mine Depth.

Details About Mr Mine Depth

Details about Mr Mine depth provide you with information on the importance of depth for mining, building geological formations, and exploring special challenges. This factor is considered an attractive feature of this mining game that many idle games do not possess. First, let's go to the information about depth's influence on Mr Mine.

Depth's Influence On Mr Mine

Depth's influence on Mr Mine is huge when the depth will determine directly the minerals that you can mine. Besides, in different depths, you can also explore new worlds and open up interesting challenges.

The drill will help you reach different degrees of depth through the non-stop drilling process. You will start with Earth at 0km and open up to the Moon world at 1000km and the Titan world at 1750km.

Besides, the value of minerals is also deeply affected by depth when precious minerals only appear in deep parts. For example, you can only mine coal and copper mainly at depths of 0-20km. To a depth of 20km, other precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum will appear. 25km will bring you isotopes, and rare minerals. The value of these minerals is completely different. It is easy to spot when you enter the Sell Center. Regular ores like coal cost only $1 and diamonds cost $64. However, just 1 Uranium 1 in Isotope will cost $100 and Uranium 2 is $2000.

Another influence is the scope of your activity. If you do not have the required depth, you will not be allowed to take on new missions. For example, you can only start exchanging coins and minerals for prizes after passing the 15km mark. It is also impossible to unlock levels 6-9 of the drill if you haven't reached the 50km mark. From there, you also won't be able to upgrade your drill and win new Mr Mine achievements. Problems can occur in succession when the depth problem is not resolved.

Finally, digging deeper is the only way to discover and start building new geological formations like Super Miners or Broken Robot. These strata are one of the milestones depending on depth alongside new items and characters.

Milestones Depending On Depth

Milestones depending on depth give you new experiences when opening a new geological layer. The first special geological layer is Super Miners at 10km where you can place super miners to mine better with more valuable minerals. Specifically, super miners will help you increase mining speed, increase the number of treasure chests, and give additional rewards after each new mineral discovery. There are many other benefits to using super miners. So how to place the super miners? You can place your first super miner for free and subsequent miners require you to use super miner souls to activate. You can unlock these souls by opening black chests, scrap super miners, or collected by scientists who appear at 50km to find new minerals or relics.

Next, you can participate in the 45km Cave building challenge, which allows you to use drones to explore and collect valuable rewards. They are the challenges that this Mr Mine game offers you to add to the drama. When participating in Cave Building, you have to fight against time and energy sources because your drone has a limited amount of energy and each cave will also have a limited time. After the time runs out, that cave will collapse. However, there are many caves and they are not affected by the collapse of other caves. Besides, other challenges will appear when you explore Broken Robot at 225km and Underground City at 300km with the appearance of weapons, bosses, and other thrilling experiences.

Another impressive feature is the appearance of new miners such as The Core at 500km, Chest Compressor at 700km, or Reactor at 1100km. These machines have super mining capabilities and even generate nuclear energy and special isotopes.