Gold Miner Jack 2

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Gold Miner Jack 2 returns with a new version released by Crazy School Games. Once again helping gold miner Jack change his life by digging for gold. Unlike Mr Mine, in this version, Jack has found a new spot with more gold.

The journey to dig gold in a new land

Jack's gold mining journey never ends. Where there is a lot of gold there is Jack. If in the previous version, Jack digs for gold in a gold vault in the deep garden, then back in this version, he discovered a land containing gold right at the waterfall. Not only gold, everything here has value and quantity is also more. What is more wonderful when digging for gold and next to the waterfall, if you are tired, you can bathe at the waterfall.

Help Jack mine gold

There are many things underground that you can dig for gold. Gold, diamond, is the most valuable thing you need to mine. Stones and bones are the least valuable, ineffective to accomplish the goal.

Gold is something of high value and of many dimensions. Their size is proportional to the received value and their pick up time is also similar. The bigger the gold pick, the longer it takes to pick up.

Iron is something that looks like a stone but its value is much higher than stone. Although its value cannot be compared to gold and diamonds, you can also mine on a regular basis.

Diamonds are highly valuable and take less time to mine. However, its disadvantage is that it is often located deep underground. You need to pay attention to pick it up at the right time to pick it up.

Stone is something of low value and time consuming to mine. Avoid picking them up and move on to more valuable things. Although bone is less time consuming to mine, it only costs 2$.

The magic bag contains valuables like money, health, and bombs. Get a random gift if you pick it up.

The items in the shop

After each successful implementation of the set goals, you will have a sum of money. Use this money to invest in health and bombs. The goals will become more difficult later, but only for a very short time, invest your health to pick up gold faster. Buy spare bombs for future use. Alternatively, you can try something that makes the stone or diamond more valuable than it really is. Normally, stones only cost 1$ after you use the value booster which makes the value of the stone go up to 300$ and the diamond costs 600$ and up to 1000$.

New object in this game

In this version will appear a new object in the ground is the mole. Rats live underground, love diamonds and have a diamond in their mouth. Since this is a living creature, it will move back and forth endlessly. To be able to pick it up, you also need to choose the right time to pick it up, otherwise you will lose time if you just focus on picking it up.