Moto X3M

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Moto X3M shows off the motorcycle skill. Avoid the obstacles and move to the destination safely. Done as soon as possible. Show off your driving skills now.

Show off your motorcycling skills

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you should not miss this game. Take the main character who is sitting on a motorcycle to move the finish line without touching obstacles. The obstacles are arranged differently for you to experience. No concessions when you hit an obstacle. If you are familiar with motorbikes, these challenges will not be difficult for you. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to pay attention to the time to perform the challenge, the faster and safer you will get three stars and the longer you complete the challenge, the less stars you will receive.

Overcoming obstacles

You need to know when to go fast and when to go slow to avoid obstacles. Look at the obstacle in front to know whether to go fast or slow. Try not to touch them because they cost you your life.

22 challenges are waiting for you to experience. The challenges will be more difficult as you level up. This requires you to have strategy and the ability to avoid obstacles. The luck factor only determines a small part, the important thing is your driving skills.

How to control

The up arrow helps the motorcycle move forward

The down arrow helps the motorcycle to reverse