Cubes 2048.io

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Cubes 2048.io is an integrated game between 2048 and Snake. Collect cubes starting from 2 until your top number is as big as possible. Eat someone else's number with a smaller number than yours.

The combination of two famous games

2048 is a mind game, merge two numbers starting from 2 into the bigger number and so on until they reach the number 2048. Snake is a survival game between eating smaller snakes himself to become the largest snake. The unique combination of the two games makes Cubes 2048.io.

Become the biggest cube snake

You will enter a game full of squares with numbers. Collect them all, make them part of the body, they will move like snakes. During the process of collecting cubes, the numbers in your body will merge so that it becomes the largest number you can earn. Eating your smaller numbers will help you get bigger quickly and avoid cube snakes bigger than you if you don't want to be devoured.

The larger the body, the slower the movement speed. You can easily avoid the snake whose cube is bigger than you when your body size is small. But when it gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to move and you try to trap the prey into your food.

Put your name on the list

You will compete with many other opponents in a duel. Stay alive and merge numbers to form the snake with the biggest cube. Put your name in the top list of people with the highest total points.

How to control

Use the mouse to move around. Double tap multiple times to move faster.