Gold Miner Classic

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Gold Miner Classic helps the old gold miner become the richest miner in the world. Control the gold miner by gold picker. Complete the mission of each level.

The launch of Gold Miner Classic

This game is a Flash game released in 2003. At that time, the whole world was in a period of renewal. All use tree computers with super big screens, this game has stuck with many people so far. With a simple but unattractive gameplay, to this day, this game is still very popular with new players and old players. It is the nostalgia of an intense childhood. Those who can play this game, until now are still extremely touched because it is still hot. Today, with a more modern version, you can play this game in the online version and play anywhere without downloading, in addition, it can also be played on the phone.

Help the gold miner take the challenge

How to mine gold

Let's control the gold miner to complete the goal of each level. Like Mr Mine, use the golden tongs, the player has to mine gold by hand spinning and collect gold to achieve the goal set out in the beginning. The crank will move left and right continuously, lower it at the right time to grab the gold because if you miss it you will lose at least 3 seconds that time does not allow.

The time allowed

In each level, there will be a time for you to complete the goal of 60 seconds. You will try to collect as many gold or diamonds as possible to exceed the set target and before time runs out. Try to get a lot of gold because the next goal will add up the value you picked up earlier. Still the same time, but the goal given is increasing, requiring you to earn more reserve value for the next goal.

The items in the gold mining process

Gold nuggets are your main source of collection, grab as much gold as you can. Small pieces of gold are picked up in less time. The bigger the gold piece, the slower the pick-up time and the longer it takes to reach the target.

Rocks are things that take you a long time to pick up but only bring low value. In the early levels, if you accidentally hit it, you can pick it up and it's okay. However, the higher the level, when the goal is higher and the time is shorter, picking up stones is very time consuming and you can rely on the help of bombs to break them and pick up more valuable things.

Mystery bags contain mysterious things that you cannot foresee. The reward can be a bomb, a four-leaf clover or a return value. The bag takes less time and its value is equivalent to money.

Bones are easy to pick up with little time to pick up but its value is low.

Moles are animals that live only in the ground. They move back and forth constantly, although they are easy to pick up and take a little time, their value is low.

Diamonds have the highest value than even large pieces of gold and take the least amount of time to collect. However, to get them, you need to pick up things around it because it is usually quite far away.

TNT Barrels crates are something that should not be touched because they cause everything around it toexplode, even the thing you are trying to pick up if you accidentally hit it, it will also shatter.

Things to buy in the store

Bombs are something you can consider using before starting a new level, the higher the level, you will find this is the most useful.

The power pot makes the gold miner stronger, and when picking up expensive things like large pieces of gold or stones, you will also pick it up quickly.