Geometry Dash Breeze

13 votes 4.1/5

About Geometry Dash Breeze

Geometry Dash Breeze is a fun game that challenges your patience. Help the main character who is a cube to complete the challenge without touching any platforms.

This game is adapted by the community and takes the main idea from the original game, Geometry Dash, published by developer Robert Topala. The success of the original game inspired the community-released versions of Geometry Dash. Breeze is rated as a difficulty level created by Darnoc2. Players will experience the harder version than all the Geometry Dash versions that players have experienced before.

Highlights of Geometry Dash Breeze

Live sound

Sound plays an equally important role in making the game more interesting. The rhythm is fast, changing gently, quickly alternating. Through each certain stage along with going through time loops, the character will move with the rhythm to synchronize with the music. Enjoy the game by wearing a headset for the best experience.

Levels in the game

Currently, the game has 21 levels. And each level has its own theme and challenge. The levels will increase from easy to difficult. The more complete to the finish line, the more challenging and more difficult. When you meet the devil, you have reached the hardest level of the game.

How to play

What you need to do is help the main character not touch any obstacles until the challenge is completed. However it won't be that easy. No one has completed this game on the first turn, even you need a lot of retries to conquer the challenge. The retries are the number of times you practice, you will clearly remember where the obstacles are to avoid it. The combination of music and the character's movement speed are matched to the rhythm, moving in sync and in rhythm so that you do not collide with obstacles.