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Murder shows you assassination strategy. Become a killer silently waiting for the opportunity to kill the king and make yourself the new king of this kingdom. When you become king, be careful because others have the same intentions as you. If this game uses violence in exchange for power, on the contrary, in Idle Miners Tycoon, use wisdom in managing mining to become the richest person. A new game genre that you can experience.

Murder's gameplay

Assassinate the current emperor

At the beginning of the game, you are a god who always follows the emperor. With his bottomless greed, he killed the current emperor and made himself the next emperor. You will wait for the opportunity to successfully monitor. The knife is in your hand and ready to wait for you to execute. Don't show too much disloyalty and be discovered by the emperor, or you will be thrown in prison until you die. Prepare to raise the knife when the emperor lets his guard down. Once the assassination is successful, put on the emperor's clothes and become the next emperor.

Watch out for your assassins

When you've become emperor, don't get too excited because the commoners behind you have the same desires as you. They will also follow you and wait for you to let your guard down and usurp the throne. Don't let those civilians get their wish. When you see them behaving shady, go back and catch the moment they are trying to assassinate you and put them in prison until they die.

Died of a heart attack

No one can hold their position forever. No matter how many people you discover who intend to assassinate you, you cannot avoid your old age. An on-screen toolbar shows how many lives you have left. When the toolbar runs out, then you will also die from a heart attack. At that time, the game will end and the journey to assassinate and become king will return to the beginning.

How to control

Use the mouse to perform actions. Hold down the mouse to prepare to assassinate the king, click to return to check the shady behavior of the commoners.