Eraser Her

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Eraser Her is a mind game that uses eraser to solve problems. Choose the plot you want and help the redhead answer her questions by using the eraser to find the answer.

Solve the problems by the eraser

The red-haired girl is the main character of this game. Choose one of the stories below and start listening to the story. In a story with many different details and each time the girl is challenged, the girl will ask you to find a solution to the problem in each question. Using eraser to solve the problem. To see what percentage of the story you've done, a challenge completion toolbar is displayed. After you complete a storyline, you will get a bonus from it.

Some other things to know

The plots

There are a total of seven different storylines corresponding to different names. Experience the storyline and fulfill the girl's questions. Each plot will have a pretty good story related to it, explore to better understand the plot.

Change of clothes

After each plot, you will receive a sum of money from solving questions. Use the money you earn to change your outfit to be more diverse and new. In the store there are many costumes for you to choose from, many designs, colors, and genres can satisfy your wishes.