Dogeminer 2

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Dogeminer 2 comes back with an improved version of the entertaining Dogeminer game. The mission remains the same is to earn Dogecoins to launch to the moon. This version has been upgraded with more tools, upgrades and options. An attractive clicker game genre no less than Mr Mine.

The birth of Dogeminer 2

Following on from the success of Dogeminer, this new version is purely intended to be more entertaining than the old satirical version. Recognizing the player's desire for the limitations of the old version, in the new version will help you to set goals with your own adjustments. The improvement of the new version makes you overwhelmed.

Realize your goals with Dogecoins

The same old mission is to collect as many Dogecoins as possible to buy a spaceship and send your dog to the moon. Use lots of support from other characters to help you quickly complete your goal. To be able to own a spaceship you need a lot of Dogecoins and you cannot do this by yourself. Use your resources in investing in hiring characters to support you.

The improvements in Dogeminer 2

The success of the old version, in this new version, you will have more support tools, upgrade your tools for faster mining, the customization in changing the appearance is also diverse than.

The latest comes in this new version

The Bonus Coins drop randomly

During Dogecoins mining, you will sometimes see a huge shibe coin appear, quickly grab it because it won't appear for long and it takes a long time for it to appear once. When you snap it, it will give you Dogecoins mining time per sec. This will be beneficial in earning Dogecoins faster, the more DPS, the more Dogecoins will earn.

Lucky paper bags

The paper bag will randomly give out some items like pickaxes, copper Dogecoins, meme books, ect. These help your DPS increase faster.

The diamonds

Sometimes your luck has to take you by surprise. The probability of free diamonds appearing is usually very low. It's even lower than the Bonus Coins appearing. The reward for your luck is unbelievable.

The footing points

In addition to earning Dogecoins to buy a rocket ship to the moon, this time does not stop there. You will enjoy four other four planets namely Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Titan.

The first base to do is the Moon base. The starting price to be able to set foot is 29,999 Dogecoins. There will be four help from Mining Shibe, Goge Kennels, Streamer Kittens and Space Rocket. Use the resources of these four characters to help you achieve your goals.

The next base to make is the Mars base. The starting price of the block is 2,920,000 Dogecoins. This time there are two new characters, Time Machin Mining Rig and Infinite Dogebility Drive.

The next base to make is the Jupiter base with a starting price of 58,000,000 Dogecoins.

The last base to make is the Titan star base with a starting price of 729M Dogecoins. How long will it take you to get it?