Century Gold Miner

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Century Gold Miner helps you become a gold miner billionaire. This is a gold mining game published by Masked Games. Gold digger discovers a place full of gold, he dreams of becoming a billionaire. Help him fulfill his dream by completing the goal of each level.

Inspiration from Gold Miner

This game is one of the famous gold grabbing games developed by Masked Games. With origins inspired by Gold Miner, become the richest gold digger. This is a globally popular game, its attraction so far has not shown any signs of cooling down. This makes the games related to gold mining also appear more such as Mr Mine.

The plot of the game

A gold digger happened to know a place full of gold. This made him think he would become the richest man in the world, making everyone admire. That's why he defiantly started collecting gold in a wild place in the forest to carry out his quest. However, the fun won't last forever. The demons will rob you of your gold, making it impossible for you to complete your goals and your dream of becoming a billionaire will be far away.

Gameplay of Century Gold Miner

With the basic gameplay of digging gold bars, the more and more you dig, the more valuable the gold is. With each level comes a different and increasingly demanding goal.

Golds are the core of the game. Mine as much gold as you can to go beyond the goal so you don't have trouble in the next level.

Stones are the most useless thing because you not only cost you time to pick it up but you also get no value when you pick it up. Try to avoid picking them up because you don't have much time.

Sapphires are something more valuable than gold and it also takes less time to collect. However, they are often deep underground, you need to pick them up at the right time so you don't miss them.

Diamonds are hidden in a vase. You need to break the shell of the vase to get the diamond. It has the highest value of anything valuable in the ground that you can possibly earn.

Items purchased in the store

The old man in the hat suggests you some things that you can use for your next goal. You can choose to buy bombs, four-leaf clovers, and a few other things to make your upcoming mining smoother.

The gold-hungry demon come to sabotage

Once you have received a certain achievement, the wizard guarding this place full of gold will not let you take all the gold away. He sent a gold-hungry demon to destroy the group by stealing the gold you've earned. You can't do anything but let it take and refill with gold to complete the goal. Try to pick up many valuable things to accomplish the goal.

How to control

Observe which direction the fishing rod goes to be able to catch the gold. Click the position that you feel is the best to pick up gold.