Bacon May Die

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Bacon May Die takes you into the world of Bacon the pig fighting against an army of ferocious rabbits. They come towards you and want to bite you as food. To make them not like you, use your weapon to kill them again.

Fight with aggressive rabbits

For no reason, Bacon went into the forest. This is where he doesn't know that normal rabbits have gone wild and are aggressive. Their expression has bloodshot eyes, along with an aggressive personality, looking for a normal object to satisfy their hunger. If you are accidentally eaten by them, you will gradually lose your strength and exhaust yourself to death. In order not to be like that, you need to fight against them. A fighting game against the evil force shown in Murder that you can try after this game. Let good triumph over evil.

Prepare for the match


You will start with your baton. Choose it to smash your opponent or shoot bullets in a short range. When you see the rabbits approaching, you need to quickly swat around to avoid being attacked by them.

Wear protective gear

The journey to kill the aggressive rabbits will become more and more difficult as their army grows larger. Without protective gear, you will be vulnerable to sudden attacks and loss of life. Use one of the game's protective gear to keep you safe.


A bar of your life will be displayed at the top left corner of the screen. Pay attention to your life and avoid getting seriously hurt. Try to survive until you kill as many as you need to.