Among Us

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Among Us is a killing game which have many many people participate. Dress up as an astronaut and try to find a way to kill people. You can only do it for a limited time. Quickly complete the mission before the crew discovers you.

The plot of Among Us

The space shuttle was traveling in space when suddenly encountered meteorites and they caused the shuttle to open. This invisibly creates the appearance of a stranger in a crew of astronauts. You will be a stranger wearing an astronaut's suit. The group of astronauts is trying to gather together to find that stranger. And your task is to impersonate them and find a way to kill one of those astronauts.

Complete the murder mission

Execution time

There is not much time to perform this task. There will be a time bar displayed on the left side of the screen showing how well the astronauts have completed the search. You must quickly take advantage of every opportunity to be able to kill one of them before time runs out. Because after the time runs out, they will quickly find you and give you a blow.

Move around the places of the shuttle, crept and hide in a position where no one can see to perform the mission. Note, during the action, do not let others see you otherwise, you will be exposed and they will quickly gather and let you know.

Tip to always win

Don't stick to the same strategy to use over and over again. Try to create a variety of play styles in different positions. Tour and familiarize yourself with the terrain of the space shuttle to choose the right times for your killing.