Merge Cakes

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Overview of Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes is an entertaining game that merges multiple cakes to create more quality cakes. Merge two identical cakes to create a bigger cake. If you love food games, then Monsters Cafe is also a pretty good choice after you play this game.

Create the highest value cake

Start the game with a covered dish. You need to open them up and merge the same cakes to create a cake of greater value. The cakes have the role of creating a source of money for you. The more you merge the bigger pie, the more value it will create. And starting with only 7 seats for cake. Cake slots will expand as the game plays out randomly.

The shop

The shop has a wide range of cakes from low to large. If you feel that manual merge takes too long, you can buy ready to merge existing cake to become bigger. Use the money that the cakes generate for you to buy the cakes in the shop. Note, the cakes in the shop can only sell cakes that you have created before. It is not unlocking cakes of higher value than the cake that you have earned.

Food lids

Food lids will be restored after 10 seconds. To make this process faster, click on the box with the lid icon and activate them. Some times you will be randomly given a bow tie. This lid will randomly select one of the cakes earned. If you are lucky, you will get a piece of cake of great value and it will save you in merging cakes.