Gold Miner Free‏

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Gold Miner Free is gold mining game in mineral mine. Help the miner to complete the task with the required target. Buy the necessary items in the shop before starting a new quest.

Complete the challenge

In this game, help gold digger make a living. Collect valuables like gold, diamonds to exchange for money. With each goal given, you need to complete them before time runs out. Can you complete the goal in 60 seconds? You can also play other gold mining games in Mr Mine.

Some things in the gold mining process

Things that can be mined in the ground

Golds, the most important thing are gold because gold is the most valuable thing and the most quantity. There are many sizes of gold that you can mine. Gold with small size will take less time to mine and bring small value. Medium-sized gold takes a while to mine and the value it brings is moderate. Gold has a very large size that takes the longest time to mine, but the value it brings is the highest.

Stones are something that occurs as much as gold. Its number is often large and often stands next to valuable things around. It is both time consuming and not very valuable.

The magic chest contains valuable things that you get. It can be money, bombs, or power. Mining time it can't know exactly because it may take time to mine or less to mine depending on each time.

Diamonds are the most valuable of the valuables mined in the ground. Because of its high value, it is often in remote mining locations and the quantity is also very small. Usually it will be surrounded by stones and gold around. You need to get things around it to be able to exploit it.

The moles are an animal that lives underground. Exploiting this animal is not useful, although it is less time consuming, its value is low. You will only receive 2$ for each pick up.

Items in the store

The items will gradually reveal after you complete the goal. There are many things that you can buy for your next target trip.

Bombs are items that help you explode worthless things like stones to save time to mine more valuable things. Bombs only work with what you are picking up, and the money to buy a bomb is not cheap, so you need to use it in the most reasonable and economical way.

To be able to do this heavy mining work, you need the strength to complete your task. Later goals will be increasingly difficult and time is running out. Without the power, you won't be able to pick up fast to complete the goal.

Increasing the value of the stone is the thing which you can experience. Compared to normal stones, they will be worth 20$ but when used increasing the value of the stone will make the stone more valuable. But you can only use it three times in one play.

Increasing the value of the diamond makes the current diamond value even more valuable.