Gold Digger FRVR

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Gold Digger FRVR takes you into a vault filled with golds. Dig deep underground to earn valuable things like gold, diamonds, ect. Become the richest gold miner.

How to detect the storage of valuables

When digging underground, there are countless soils, rocks, and mineral ores, but not all of them contain valuable things. If you are observant, you will notice a key finding is the hole in the mineral ore or the spark. Let's move there and collect valuable things. Those things can be gold, diamonds, other useful items. Quickly earn a lot of valuable things to help you expand many stores, expand the business scale to help you become richer.

If you don't want to mine gold and diamonds yourself, you can experiment with Mr Mine. This is an idle game, you will be the boss and hire workers to work for you. Control, assign work to help you get rich.

Some stores that you need to know

Skill levels

Upgrade things that make your mining progress faster and make you richer. Some skills like health help you dig faster and save time. The tool helps you dig faster than a normal shovel. Also upgrade some other features like value for money, machines, ect.

Joe's mining shop

You can enter the hat miner's shop to refresh yourself, other tools to make mining faster, machines and some other items with the money or diamonds you have earned in mining.

Thrift shop

This is a general store for things you dig underground. You can sell them for money. Some useful items to keep just in case.