Ben 10 Gold Digger

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Ben 10 Gold Digger turns Ben 10 into a gold miner. The mission that Ben usually does is to rescue from the attack of alien invaders. However, his mission this time is to mine gold.

The new task that Ben 10 has never done before

Ben 10 is a familiar name in the cartoon of the same name released by Cartoon Network Studios. Ben 10 tells the story of a boy named Ben Tennyson, who owns the Omnitrix - a device in the form of an alien DNA uncle wristwatch. Where there is difficulty there is Ben. Different from the usual task that Ben was doing, this time there was a request for support from the gold miners. Help them mine gold to keep up with the schedule.

Dig for gold with Ben 10

Tasks to do

Mining for gold deep in the forest with trucks full of minerals because underground there are many valuable things. Let's join Ben in mining gold to quickly progress the mission to help in another mission. Valuable things that you can mine like gold, diamonds, secret bags and some minerals. Exploit them and complete the target in 60 seconds.

Distinguish minerals and rocks

There will be two things that will confuse you between a rock and a mineral. At first glance they have the same shape but the resulting value is not the same. Minerals are blue and rocks are gray. Minerals collected get 30 dollars, and stone collected get no coins. You can mine minerals and use bombs if you pick up stones because it takes time for you to collect gold and makes you unable to complete the goal.