Slope 3

7 votes 4.1/5

Slope 3 takes you into a world filled with 3D shapes. A never ending running competition of the ball. Move the ball through the blocks. Avoid the red marked obstacles and get the highest score you can.

The attractive of the game endless Slope 3

This never-ending game is one of the must-haves for speed enthusiasts. With simple graphics, the blocks are stacked in front of you and you need to move on those blocks without flying out. The main character of the game is the round ball that is moved forward. It can only move in a straight line on its own, so you need to adjust the direction to enter the allowed lane.

This game is always interested by young people and competes with each other to win the number one position in the rankings. You can choose to compete against your opponents in the leaderboards or enjoy a leisurely, non-competitive experience in Mr Mine. A game that does not need too much play but still ensures your attention.

Obstacles to avoid

With border design is green. Scroll through the platforms that also have blue outlines and take note of the red outlines in front of you. Because they cause your ball to be broken into many pieces. Move quickly to avoid obstacles and move forward.

Features of Slope 3

The graphics are not fussy but still ensure the highlight of the blue border on the black background, creating a 3D effect for you to attract. The pounding sound makes you launch the ball forward faster.

Way to controls

Use left/right arrow keys to move sideways

Space key to accelerate the ball