Bloons Survivor

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Bloons Survivor helps the monkey fight the balloons. Use the tools to help you explode the balloons. Move around to collect diamonds, money and lives.

Fight with balloons

Balloons are coming towards the monkey. They will have a huge impact on the monkey's life. Colorful, diverse balloons are coming and the fastest way to destroy them is to upgrade the items. The longer you maintain, the more balloons will be. Balloons that are brightly colored and large in size will need several times to completely pop. Hints on upgrading items will be displayed when you can't hold out for long.

Upgrade items

You alone cannot avoid the balloons coming towards you. Items that can assist you in blowing up balloons such as Boomerang, Cannon Ball, Fist, ect. These items upgrade higher will help you quickly explode balloons in a longer range.

Collect results

After each successful explosion of a balloon, the possible rewards can be diamonds, money and hearts. Move around to collect them. Limit contact with the balloon as it can hurt you. To restore your life, collect many heart shapes.

The achievements

The game will not stop until you have no lives left. The number of diamonds that you collect has the effect of speeding up the level of the game. Collecting more diamonds will increase your level. When your life is gone, the game will record the level you achieved, which is also your achievement.