Idle Miners Tycoon

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Idle Miners Tycoon is a mining simulation game. Become a mineral tycoon by automating the mining process. Upgrade your staff to work faster and unlock minerals deep underground.

Become a mining billionaire

Let's help your mining more and more open. By upgrading the characters doing and operating will help you become the richest mineral boss.
How quickly you get rich depends on whether you upgrade everything, whether it's minerals or mining workers. Upgrade them to the highest level to quickly unlock new minerals.

Exploiting minerals deep in the ground will take a long time. You will have to wait a bit long to be able to unlock new minerals. Since this is an idle game, unlocking will take a day. You can shorten this process if you upgrade everything you have including minerals, staff.

Characters in the mining process

The miners are the person who plays the main role in the mining process, is the core and most important figure of mineral mining. At least two miners are required for faster mining.

Hire managers to automate the mining process. You cannot manage multiple positions by yourself, so it is reasonable to hire managers in each department and need to regularly upgrade them to work faster.

Shipping manager has three positions

  • Transport minerals from trolley to elevator
  • Transport from the elevator to the crane
  • Transport from crane to truck

Always upgrade these characters to make the shipping process faster.

Unlock new minerals

You will start from mining the lowest value mineral is stone, to quickly unlock new minerals, upgrade minerals, workers to quickly earn money to be able to unlock new minerals. Valuable minerals will be deeper underground. There are seven types of minerals that need to be mined. Unlocking deeper minerals is also not easy. It will take a long time to open it. To shorten the time it takes to unlock new minerals, you just need to upgrade your current minerals and staff.

The final level of mining

A mining machine has broken down and needs to be repaired to function properly. This machine has a very nice feature that is automatically exploited without human control. It saves labor costs and works faster. This has saved you quite a bit of money. You just need to invest in it so it runs faster on its own without too much supervision.

Save the result

The mining can be completed in one day of play. It may take you days to reach the final mining point. The mining process will be saved if you exit and come back the next day or days. At the same time it will automatically earn money when you are not present.

The origin of Idle Miners Tycoon

The game is a remake of the game of the same name published by Kolibri Games GmbH. The company specializes in publishing idle games with different business versions for mobile devices. Of all the idle games, Idle Miners Tycoon is rated as the most played and most successful game, open to other idle games to develop. With the online version, you can play at any time and shorten the mining to reduce the complexity when you don't have too much time for it. Also, you can try another idle game called Mr Mine.