Fish Eat Getting Big

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Fish Eat Getting Big is an interesting game with the task as the name of the game. Eat fish that are smaller than you or equal to you to become bigger. Avoid fish bigger than you, mines and undead fish.

Big fish eats small fish

You will start as a small fish when you start playing. Eat fish that are smaller than you to grow up. At the same time, collect gold coins to increase your income. When you're a little bigger, eat the same fish as you to get bigger quickly. Limit movement or get eaten by a fish larger than you. Especially mines and dead fish. Since this is a game with no end, if you are eaten, you are restored as a small fish again and the journey to become a big fish will begin.

Choose your fish

This game can be played by up to three people. Choose the fish you like and start the journey. To better understand how to move your fish, you can look at the guide before playing or during play, which will be fixed at the top left of the screen.

Select background

Use the money you earn to unlock new backgrouds. There are two new backgrouds for you to choose from within your capabilities.

How to control

Player 1 uses WASD

Player 2 uses the arrow keys

Player 3 uses the left mouse button