Gold Miner Jack

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Gold Miner Jack will make Jack become the richest gold miner quickly. Help Jack mine gold pieces and exchange for money. Complete the goal before time runs out.

Become rich from gold mining

A gold miner named Jack wanted to get rich by digging for gold. To be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a rich man quickly, help him complete the tasks in each level before the time runs out. Do the same thing when you try in Mr Mine.

With the space is a gold mining pit with rails along with the mining vehicle. You are experiencing in a familiar space that you can see from famous cartoons like Snow White, you will find them familiar because they are inspired by the diamond mines of the dwarves.

Try to complete the goal so that Jack is not angry. He will get angry if you don't do the task that the game requires.

Some things you need to pay attention to

Things in the underground

You can see there are many things in the ground like stones, gold, secret bags, animal bones and diamonds. The arrangement of objects in the ground corresponds to its value. Rocks, animal bones are the closest things to you, but picking these up doesn't have much value. Even quarrying takes a long time to master it, but you do not have much time, because otherwise you will not be able to complete the current goal and proceed to the next goal.

Another thing that looks like a stone, but its value is several times higher than a pick stone. They are iron ore, although its value is not significantly high, but you can mine them to exploit things that are hidden by it.

Gold is the most valuable and abundant thing that can be found underground. They come in many sizes to match their value and mining time. The smaller the gold, the faster the mining time, and the bigger the gold, the longer the mining time.

The secret bag gives you the surprise of its reward. It can contain money, bombs, power-ups. Flexible mining time according to each level.

Diamonds are the least common and farthest. Usually you have to pick up other things before it can be obtained, but don't be so absorbed in picking up diamonds that you forget the task of completing the goal.

TNT wooden crates are a very dangerous thing. If you accidentally touch them, you will detonate everything around it. In addition, the thing you are trying to pick up will also disappear. Mining gold and diamonds is extremely difficult, if you accidentally activate them a lot, you will have nothing left to mine and then you will not be able to complete the goal that the game requires.

Buy items at the store

Use the money earned from completing goals and buying items in the shop. In which, the most needed are power and bombs. These are two items that should be used in the process of leveling up. Alternatively, you can try to buy something that increases the value of stones and diamonds, which make their current value more valuable when buying this feature.