3D Chess

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3D Chess helps you practice your chess playing ability in the online version. Choose to play with or without help depending on your level of chess knowledge.

Chess intellectual discipline

Chess is considered an intellectual subject with a table that will have two identical armies. The team that captures the other team's territory is the winner. Initially, this game was just an entertainment game, but after many years of recognition, this game has been considered a sport that has appeared in many international sports matches. There are many chess races held every year around the world. Show your chess skills through this game.

In the role of an entertaining game

If you are not really as good as the gods of chess, you can still play it as an entertaining game. This brain game helps develop the brain, develop the ability to observe, think and make strategies. If you know how to play, this game will not make it difficult for you but if you are not too knowledgeable about this game you can still play with it and practice a lot and you will get used to it.

How the mode should be selected

Choose the player

You can choose 1 player or two players of your choice. The game will be more fun when you compete with your opponent is your friend. But don't worry, if you want to improve the way you play chess, you can still choose 1-player mode.

Choose the play style

There are two types of play: guided play and unguided play. Guided play is suitable for players who don't know too much about the game, the game will assist you with the way the pieces move and you just have to choose one of your pieces and choose the box that allows and stand that location. Playing without instructions is a suitable way for those who are proficient in how to play and without instructions can also choose the pieces to go by themselves.