4 In A Row

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4 In A Row is an entertaining but equally intellectual game. Choose from a single or two-player mode. Drop your color into the frame, whoever is the first to match 4 will be the winner.

How to play 4 In A Row

If you know how to play tic toe, its gameplay is exactly the same. But instead of connecting three shapes together in a straight line, with this game you need to connect your four shapes in a straight line to be the winner. The game is turn-based, your turn then your opponent's turn. Whoever connects the four pictures first is the winner. Block your opponent's path so they don't score. Your opponent will do the same to you, so be strategic and fool your opponent so they don't notice your move.

In the frame there are 42 places to hold the tiles, drop each of you and your opponent down. The cells will be pushed up when the cells below are full. The battle is either you or your opponent the winner. If you have filled the space, the game will end and start over to find the winner.

Similar game 4 In A Row

When you know how to play this game, you will think of tic toe game. But instead of playing with 9 tiles and having pre-checked grids, you'll be playing with more tiles. The game tic toe is too familiar to many people, but with this game, the version will be upgraded and more difficult when having to rely on full cells to stack new tiles.