Animals Guys

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Animals Guys open a competition to see who can finish first in the allotted time. You and many other opponents compete against each other. Avoid any obstacles that could cause you to start over.

Find out who finishes first

You and many other opponents compete against each other on a race track. The challenges seem simple but it is not as simple as you think. You not only try to quickly overcome the opponent to finish first, but also have to avoid all the obstacles on the way.

Avoid all objects

In addition to having to jump from one segment to another and not let yourself fall off the screen, you also have to be very careful of all the objects on the road. Even if it's just a small object on the road, if you touch it, you will return to the original position and continue the journey.

Pay attention to the time

Time taken for a challenge within 60 seconds. This is a fairly short period of time if you make the mistake of trying again and again. But if you perform well and do not touch any objects or fall off the screen, then reaching the destination is not too difficult.

Unlock new characters

To be able to change the character, you must win many times in the challenge to compete with many opponents. Characters in Skins have levels that require a number of wins to own it. Integrating and getting used to the terrain makes you more experienced in competition.