Avatar Game

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New concept of Avatar in Geometry Dash

Avatar Game is a Geometry Dash game inspired by the famous fantasy movie Avatar. Complete the challenge as soon as possible to get on the list of the game.

Million downloads of the game Geometry Dash

This is an infinite challenge game that is widely played around the globe. Video game produced by RobTop. The game caused a craze that led to a lot of experimentation and player curiosity. Although published in 2013, with many versions designed by the community, this game is currently one of the major concerns. Millions of people have downloaded the game on Google, which is a significant number in the list of most downloaded games recently.

The famous movie Avatar

The fantasy film Avatar depicts an extraterrestrial planet. Related to the human invasion of Pandora, where the Navi people are a tribe of extraterrestrials. The conflict between the people and the Navi ethnic group created a spectacular scene as they defended their homeland. The visual design is top notch down to the smallest detail, which is also one of the most impressive of this movie. That's why the film has attracted a large audience and the film's revenue is statistically overwhelming.

Highlights in Avatar Game

Game interface

You may notice that the interface of this game is inspired by the movie Avatar because this is a topic that many people are interested in. With the presence of many different aquatic species, including fish and jellyfish, you will face many challenges when undertaking your mission in the water. The image of Aboriginal people under the water is very impressive and stands out with many shades of blue.

Game modes

There are two game modes: regular and practice.

For those who are used to playing the Geometry Dash game from previous versions, the regular mode is ideal. Speed will increase steadily in this version, forcing you to maintain high concentration to prevent your character from hitting any obstacles. More practice is required to better suit this mode if new players join this game.

There is a practice mode suitable for those who are inexperienced or new to the game. By using this option, you can enhance the playability of this game. There will be checkpoints in this game to separate your practice. The checkpoints are meant to help you continue your mission, avoiding having to play again and again.