Bartender Make Right Mix

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Bartender Make Right Mix experiences becoming a genuine Bartender. Mix the ingredients together and find the best cocktail that will WOW you.

Become a Bartender to find the best cocktails

You are provided with a variety of ingredients, such as spirits, mixers, fruits, and decorations. Select ingredients and pour into shaker in specific order and quantity to create a balanced and delicious drink. Additionally, the game provides hints and feedback to guide your blend choices.

The ingredients to make a cocktail are placed on the shelf, they can be spirits, yogurt, flavoring water, ect. On the table there is sugar, salt, ice along with some fruit for decoration. The ingredients are ready, you just need to find the right ingredients to create the cocktail that the game requires.

The customer's reaction and score are based on how well the drink was mixed and the combination of ingredients used. Each ingredient has its own characteristics, and you need to experiment with different combinations to find the right balance that satisfies the customer's taste preferences.

The entertainment of the game

The game is known for its humorous animations and reactions from the customer, as well as its addictive gameplay. It encourages creativity and experimentation with different recipes to achieve the highest score possible. It's important to note that the game is an online game and not a real-life bartending simulation. While it provides entertainment and a fun way to explore mixology concepts, it should not be considered a substitute for actual bartending knowledge and training.

Cooktail making process

Pour ingredients into the shaker by clicking and holding the mouse at the right time to achieve the desired amount. The order in which ingredients are added can also affect the result of the drink. There are three buttons on the screen that you need to note Pour, Shake, Serve. After the ingredients have been mixed well, the player will pour the cocktail into a glass and serve it to customers.