Basketball Serial Shooter

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Basketball Serial Shooter is a clicker game of shooting the ball into the basket. Perform spectacular dunks into the basket. Completing many challenges will receive diamonds and exchange them for artifacts.

How to play Basketball Serial Shooter

If you are passionate about basketball, you should not miss this game. This game will show you how to dunk by clicking. Click on the basketball to let it move to the basket. The ball will automatically fly in the air, the more you click, the higher the ball will fly.

The basket is placed in many positions so your ball needs to be flexible to achieve multiple dunks. The time to complete the challenge is only 5 seconds. During this time, quickly dunk the basketball before the time ends. The number of points is equivalent to the number of times the ball goes into the basket. Move the ball quickly to make it in time, but don't fly too far from the basket.

If the ball misses the first time, you can do it again on the second try. After two unsuccessful attempts, the game will end. Therefore, align the ball properly so it doesn't fall out of the basket or throw it too far from the basket.

Shopping with diamonds

Successfully completed challenges will receive a main reward of diamonds. Accumulate a lot to unlock other types of balls or other landscapes or other baskets. There are countless choices for you, try out the new look right after buying them.

Achievement table needs to be done

To earn diamonds, you need to perform the tasks listed at the top of the screen. There are many challenges for you to do here. Each challenge will be equivalent to the number of diamonds received. Completing the mission you will receive additional diamonds. Additionally, to encourage players, we give you a surprise reward in a mystery gift box. It can be diamonds or artifacts. The gift will be renewed three hours after you open this gift box.