Basketball Stars

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Basketball Stars is a basketball game with up to two players. Choose your favorite basketball superstar character to be your opponent and score as many points as possible.

The charm of the sport of basketball

Basketball is a very popular sport in America. And America is also the birthplace of many famous basketball superstars that you see on social networking platforms. And basketball competitions are held regularly every month. This is also a mental game for basketball enthusiasts. Especially for this game, you will be transformed into players who become basketball superstars or become opponents with them. Show your top basketball skills in this game.

Game modes in the game

1 player

Choose the character you want to embody on the playing field and choose your opponent to compete with. There are three mini game modes named Tournament, Random, and Training. Whoever scores more points than that person wins that match.

Tournament: Choose to compete with one player or two players. You will be player 1 and choose your favorite character to embody in the game. You can also choose to have two players in a group and compete with other members. You two need to work together to score many goals. You can also choose to play in easy, medium, or hard mode before entering the match.

Random: Choose your incarnation character and choose your opponent and start the battle. And do the same with the two player one team mode.
Training: is a mode to practice and be alone in the field and take actions to increase your basketball ability. You can choose to throw the ball into the basket on whichever side you like and within two minutes finish a practice session.

2 players

Invite more of your friends to play basketball together. You can choose 1 vs 1, you and your friends will compete against each other. 2 vs 2, as well as 1 vs 1, but the two teams will have two members, you urge, take turns to score. 2v2 but the CPU version, which means you and your friends will be on the same team, you have to work together to make your opponent score lower than you.

Quick match

1v1 random match, your character is shown in green, this is a random character and you will compete against CPU for 2 minutes. Whoever scores the most points is the winner.