Blob Opera

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Blob Opera is an entertaining game that helps peculiar creatures sing opera. Select each creature, lengthen them to start singing. Choose to sing high notes or low notes based on your controls.

Show your talent for composing Opera song

Main vocal characters

There are four creatures that represent different voices. Each creature has a different voice, but how to combine those creatures to complete an Opera song is your task. Choose, arrange creatures, turn their voices into a great Opera song. Listen to each creature audition for them then create an Opera song of your own.

Characteristics of the characters

A feature that you can see that, when you choose a creature, you can stretch, drag down, pull up and pull back, the remaining three characters will cooperate with you. Look at their mouths, they will mimic the mouth of the character you are choosing. Let's make a great Opera song from these stretchable creatures.

Record the song

You can choose Record to record the wonderful music you just created. Even if you're not a good songwriter, each creature's performances will set the tone, turning the bad into the good.

Perception of Opera music

If you're an opera lover, you'll definitely see a choir sing backing for the main character once. With the feature of being uniform between the choir and the main vocal tone, the song becomes more complete. Do you have a good taste in music, become a conductor who directs the choir to create a great Opera song.