Block Dancing 3D

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Block Dancing 3D experiences music according to Block. Help the cube avoid going out of the way on the road. Collect sound notes and complete a song.

Help the cube move on the curve

The cube will automatically move forward, it cannot automatically avoid the place causing it to go out of the way. It can only go on the road, if it is out of that position, it will cause it to explode. That's why you need to help it move at the right time so that it doesn't go out into the street. Along the way, collect sound notes to earn more for yourself.

Before starting the game

Experience many songs

Some of the songs at the top of the page have compiled some of the popular songs you'll probably know. These songs have difficulty ratings according to the number of stars below. Faded is a free song and all other songs will be charged.

Character change

In the right corner of the screen there is Player where you can change your appearance. Use the money you earn to shop for something you like.

Change theme

In the left corner of the screen there is a Theme where you can change the structure of the path that you will experience. These themes need to be unlocked with money and if you want to experience the themes you can buy them.