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Bloxorz: A Brief Overview

Bloxorz controls a rectangular block called Blox and your job is to navigate Blox through a series of maze-like levels and make it fall into a hole.

You can tilt the block left or right using the corresponding arrow keys. The block moves in a straight line until it hits an obstacle or the edge of the platform. It cannot be moved vertically. If the block falls off the edge of the platform or into a hole other than the designated exit hole, the level restarts.

Plan your moves carefully in Bloxorz to avoid getting into situations where you need to undo a specific move. Take your time to analyze the level, consider your options, and make calculated movements to progress through the puzzles successfully.

Some switches open the way

During the journey, you will encounter some cases where you cannot cross the road, some switches with symbols like X, O help you cross the road by touching them, a bridge connecting the two sides together. Cross the road carefully, don't let it fall.

Be careful with tiles

The platform consists of different types of tiles, each with its own properties. Normal tiles allow the block to roll freely, while fragile tiles break when the block rolls over them. Switch tiles are activated when the block rolls onto them, triggering certain actions like opening bridges or changing the platform's configuration.

Way to control Blox

The game is typically played using arrow keys on a keyboard or touch controls on mobile devices. The arrow keys allow you to tilt the block in different directions.