Blumgi Castle

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Blumgi Castle is a fun bombing game with tons of challenges and lots of characters to unlock. Choose the right direction to shoot and adjust the force to hit the target.

Target shooting

The character on the left side of the screen with an arrow on top is you, and on the other side of the screen is a character holding a red heart. Your task is to throw the bomb to the heart and make it explode. To be able to aim properly, select Aim by moving the two arrows left/right to suit you best. Hold the Space key to adjust the throwing force, the longer you hold, the farther the throw force. Release and prepare news from the other side. If the bomb explodes in the right place, you win and unlock the next challenge.

Can only throw firecrackers at one time. The decision on whether or not you can successfully shoot down the target depends on the force of your shot and the direction of your shot. If you do not shoot in the right position you will retake the challenge and if you shoot in the right position, congratulations on your successful bombardment and move on to the next challenge.

Character Unlock

A special feature in this game is that the character is randomly assigned from the beginning of the game to the next character. There are no rules and fixed about any character, this gives you a curiosity and surprise about the upcoming character. During the five challenges, you will be able to change characters once.

There are many characters that you can explore. More than 50 characters are waiting for you to discover along with various challenges. Let's explore and unlock characters now.