Bomber Friends

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Bomber Friends is a fun adventure game about dropping bombs. Place bombs that break the walls to get some items. Kill the opponent in the maze to become the winner.

How to defeat an opponent

Bombs expand the labyrinth

You and your opponent will be in a maze. However, in this labyrinth, there are many bricks that prevent the two from attacking each other. You have a main advantage as the one who puts the bomb, breaking the bricks to open the way to get closer to the opponent. Choose a suitable bomb location so you don't lose your life and just achieve your wish.

Get items

Items are revealed when you use explosive bombs. Collect them all as they will benefit you later. The items that you can get are combat ability, life, fire, bomb, and flying leg.

Bombing strategy

Choose a direction towards the opponent and do not destroy all the bricks on the way because it will help the opponent to hide from you longer. Pushing them to a corner will help you kill faster.

How to control

You can control your character according to the arrow keys or use the control button in the left corner of the screen. To use bombs, click on the screen on the right.

Challenge with Presidential Challenge mode

In this mode, your mission is to drop bombs and take down all the presidents in the game. Drop bombs at the right place and don't lose your life unjustly. If the presidents touch you, you will lose a life, so avoid them when they are coming towards you. The game will end when you destroy all the presidents.