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Braindom is true to its name as a brain game. Use your wisdom to solve the game's questions. If you can't find a solution, don't worry, help is available.

Use your brain to solve puzzles

Each challenge is a different question. These questions test your agility as well as everyday knowledge that anyone can know. Sometimes even test your ability to remember, observe. Or sometimes you can randomly choose an answer that can also be correct. Hints for the challenge are right there in the question. Analyzing the question will help you find the answer.

Unlimited challenges

The challenge is unlimited because here contains more than 1000 challenges for you to choose from. The more challenges you take on, the more you will notice your observation and analysis abilities improve. You will even learn a lot of information about everyday knowledge.

Hints for the challenge

Don't worry too much if you can't find the answer. You can use a tool to help you find a workaround if you need to. However, use it when necessary because it will not be much.

Improve the player's intelligence

Intellectual games will help you increase your ability to observe, and add everyday knowledge that many people need to know. Through this game, your intelligence will excel as your brain analyzes situations. In addition, if you want to try other intellectual games, we can introduce you to the Minesweeper game. Try it after this game.