Burger Maker

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Burger is the most popular fast food

Burger Maker serves Burgers as ordered. The list of required ingredients is placed on the right, make the correct request and Serve it before the time ends.

Burger is known as a fast food that many people choose when they do not have time to cook food at home and is a snack for many people during snacks. According to statistics and known information, Burger is the most popular dish in America. One of the top consumed fast foods, second only to chicken. There are many Burger restaurants and it seems you don't have to worry if you can't find the food.

Become a Burger seller

The appeal of this popular fast food is a round shaped bread with a little white sesame on top. Inside between the two surfaces of the cake is the topping that is inserted. Some toppings like meat, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, ect make the cake delicious.

The toppings in a Burger

Each Burger has its own toppings, no two are the same. You are a Burger seller and serve Burgers according to customers' wishes. A list of toppings is given on the right side of the screen and you need to follow the instructions exactly. The toppings will be marked in order and done one by one starting from number 1. After choosing a topping, the list will automatically be subtracted to indicate how many % of the cake you have done correctly and completed. . Serve the cake after you have finished making it and before the time allowed.

Time to make a Burger

A Burger will be made in a given amount of time. Quickly complete the list and serve it before the time ends. Continue making the next Burger until you cannot finish the Burger in the time allowed. If you choose the wrong topping, it will take you a long time to complete the cake, so finish it quickly.