Charge My Phone!

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Charge My Phone! is a mind game about phones that need to be charged to fully recharge. The chargers come in many different models, is it possible to fill these phones that need to be charged?

Charge the battery for phones that run out of battery

Phones with dead batteries need to be charged. With the first challenges will not be able to make it difficult for you because its level is quite easy. Simply insert the charger of each phone into the socket and until the phone screen says the battery is full, the task is complete.

Obstacles from the phone charger

The phones with each charger vary from the area and size of the charging cord. Arrange so that all phones are plugged in. The size of the charging cord is also different in length to suit each location of the charging socket.

Obstacles from other electronic devices

Later challenges will be more difficult when there are many obstacles from other devices such as dryers, bread machines, separators. However, these electronics do not need to be permanently charged like phones, so you can take advantage of them to create passages for phone charging cords to pass through and plug into an electrical outlet.

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