Chu Choo Cake

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Help the pig chef collect cakes in Chu Choo Cake

Chu Choo Cake is an exciting journey of the pig chef going to get the cake. Walk on cakes to drop on the train. Avoid the rats and use chili to stun the rats.

The pig dressed as a chef is responsible for getting the cakes. After being collected, the cakes will be transferred to trains and exported for sale. However, the rats will not leave you alone to have your cake and eat it. They will make it difficult for you to get the cake in time to produce the cake.

Help the pig get around the maker, walk on the cakes so they fall into the train. There are four floors in total and each floor is linked by stairs. Collect all the cakes without being caught by the rats. After collecting all the cakes onto the train, they will be given out for production.

Note, you only have 5 lives to complete the mission to get the cake. Try not to encounter the rats and complete the challenge as quickly as possible. Many challenges are waiting for you behind, complete the challenges to produce cakes for the market.

How to avoid rats

You can avoid rats by staying as far away from them as possible, but they won't let you go. There will be at least one stalking you until they see you. To avoid this, on the way there are chili peppers, collect them and make that mouse wobble because of the spiciness.

One way to get rid of mice is to use the cake that the pig passed on to cover the mouse below. This will help you reduce the number of rats you need to avoid, but this solution won't last long because the rats can regenerate.