Clicker Heroes

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Clicker Heroes takes you into the world of fighting monsters with the clicker. Hire people to fight with and become the strongest clicker hero invincible with monsters. Another cool clicker game you can try like Dogeminer 2.

Fight with monsters

You are the hero who explores the lands and saves your victories. The sole can become a superhero, you need to fight the monsters with the clicker. Click faster to earn money. At the same time, hire characters to support you to help you quickly unlock new lands and earn more money.

Explore the mysterious lands with challenges

Hire support characters

You cannot fight the monsters alone. Take advantage of the coins you earn from defeating monsters to hire your side character a hand. Each character has different powers, the more expensive characters are hired, the more fighting power will increase and the money collected from the war will also be earned faster. Not only hire support characters, you need to upgrade them for faster combat. This helps you quickly kill tough monsters and helps you expand to explore new lands with higher level, harder monsters.

You will face many monsters that need much stronger and faster fighting ability, hire the latest characters and upgrade that character to easily fight monsters and open up new lands.

Unlock the lands

The lands that you unlock will help you make more money faster. The lands are equivalent to higher levels, which also requires stronger fighting ability. To unlock the higher ground, you just need to complete and win 10 battles with the demons. However, every 5 levels there will be a battle between heroes and a monster. If your fighting ability is poor and cannot be completed before the specified time, you can only try to earn more money to unlock higher support characters.

Change skins

You can choose from one of the Auto-clicker skins in the store. Please read the requirements of each image to be able to use the new Auto-clickers to make the game more interesting.