Club Sandwich

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Sandwich Business

Club Sandwich becomes a Sandwich merchant. Follow the instructions given by the order and complete the challenge before the time ends. Being quick and doing it right is the task you need to do.

Sandwich is a light type of bread with slices of bread that can be eaten plain or served with vegetables and meat, in addition to accompanying foods such as chips and Coke. This is a type of cake that can be eaten in the morning or for snacks. Sandwich business is also very easy and the profits are at a good level. Become a Sandwich trader and start your work.

Perform mission

What you need to do is to follow the order exactly. Working from left to right, make the Sandwich first then choose potatoes or Coke depending on the quantity ordered. Sandwiches must be made in the correct order from bottom to top. Look carefully at the ingredients and quantity of bread on the plate. Even if you misplace an ingredient, the order will be canceled and you will have to make a new one. However, it is not possible for you to be wrong many times, you only have a maximum of three times. Using these three retries will end the challenge you are working on.

The number of challenges will be calculated by day. The more days you work, the more and more ingredients you have, which requires you to be quick and highly focused to limit mistakes. Look at the left corner of the screen, the number to complete and the time to complete the challenge. Exceeding the required amount and staying on time will help you get more stars.

The ingredients will be filled more and more and there will be no empty space on the counter. To make the fewest mistakes, look carefully at the ingredients in the order and do it accurately.