Color Stack

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Color Stack collects stacks along the way. Collect the correct color stacks with your body color. Be careful when getting the wrong stacks or touching obstacles that cause you to lose the stacks.

Collect stacks in Color Stack

3D character preparing for stack collection. Point to the character to start playing. Help him collect as many stacks as possible. On the way there are many different colors but you can only collect stacks of the same color as the character.

Your stacking tools are quite diverse. It could be a broom, a shovel, ect. Go into stacks that are the same color as your body color. Pile up the stacks you collect along the way.

Don't collect the wrong color stack, a note to help you avoid this is a red light appearing on both sides of the track. And you don't get extra points. Or touching white obstacles causes you to stumble and lose the stacks you previously collected.

Accumulate points received

Getting stacks helps you accumulate how many points. To get a lot of points, in addition to collecting a lot of stacks, the skill of kicking stacks is also extremely important. When you run close to the finish line, click the mouse multiple times to increase your stack power and reach the highest point multiplier position you can earn.