Crazy Roll 3D

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Crazy Roll 3D is an endless running game with balls inspired by Slope game. Move the ball to the platforms, collect diamonds and avoid the red cubes that cause your ball to break into pieces.

Take the challenge of moving the ball through the platforms

Inspired by the addictive endless game Slot game, you can see them reappear in this game. Move the ball into the eye-catching colorful 3D platform. Move left and right to enjoy the space at the same time, try to collect the diamonds along the way and avoid the obstacle that is the cube shown in red because they can make you break into pieces if touched.

Game modes

You can choose between single player or two player mode. Enjoy in the space filled with eye-catching and somewhat dizzying squares when your ball moves quickly forward. You need to focus the ball and move forward or you will lose direction and your ball is prone to mistakes. Just one touch of an obstacle, the game will end when it's your turn.

How to move

Move your ball according to the left/right arrow when using the computer or swiping the screen left/right if using the phone.

Ball upgrade

Enhanced features for the ball

You can use the money you earn while moving the ball to the platform to improve your defense, suck diamonds and x2 diamond value. These features are essential and using them properly makes endless running easier.

Unlock ball skins

You can buy new balls from the diamonds you earn. There are tons of new skins to choose from as long as you have enough money to buy them. The balls have many different shapes such as stars in the galaxy, balls in sports, ect.