Crazy Snake IO

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Crazy Snake IO is a fun game about big snakes eating small snakes. Eat food to grow up and beware of snakes bigger than you if you don't want to be their food.

Become the biggest snake

Eat food

You start as a baby snake and compete against many other opponents. To be able to grow up, you need to eat street food to be able to lengthen your size. You have a major advantage of movement speed as a small snake. Small size will help you move to food faster and avoid opponents when they intend to attack you. However, the movement speed will slow down as your size increases.

Big snake eats small snake

After accumulating a certain size, the number of opponents around you will be more and more, which means that the amount of food such as candy, fruit, ect will gradually decrease. If you just focus on eating those things, you won't be able to grow fast. So turn around and eat snakes that are smaller than you and turn them into food. Cannibalism helps you quickly grow bigger and compete with larger snakes.

What is the difference in this game?

In the game big snakes eat other small snakes, the big snake will be bigger and longer than the small snake that is small and short. However, in this game, to distinguish what is a big snake from a small snake to avoid eating wrong, you should note one thing. A large snake is a snake with many folds and more folds means that a large snake is short in size. The small snake will be longer because the folds are not many and the folds are far apart.