Cut The Rope

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Cut The Rope is an entertaining puzzle game with the adorable frog character Om Nom. Your goal is to bring the giant candy to Om Nom's mouth. Also, collect three stars in each level.

The hotness of the game

The game is inspired by the cartoon of the same name. The journey to find the giant candy of the lovely frog Om Nom never ends. The series has attracted a large number of viewers with good reviews from lovely and eye-catching graphics. Like this game, the player count is also huge with a 4.5 star rating out of more than 2.7 million votes on Google Play. One of the equally downloaded games called Idle Miners Tycoon that you can try.

Get the giant candy for Om Nom

Take the rope cutting challenge

In each level, the candy will be connected to one or more ropes suspended in the air. Your task is to cut the ropes so that the candy moves to the wide mouth of the hungry green frog. The frog will just stand still and wait for the candy to come to its mouth. In addition to the ropes that prevent the frog and the candy, you will have a situation where the candy is wrapped in a bubble and you have to move it without flying off the screen, ect.

The seasons

There are a total of 3 seasons with its own levels. In each season there will be 6 boxes that need you to unlock. And each box has 25 mini levels. Try to collect three stars in each level to easily unlock the new mystery box and unlock the new season.

Food interface

Our green frog Om Nom is always hungry. When there is food, he will not stop impatient to eat. Help him get it. In addition to eye-catching candy, you can try cupcakes or donuts.