Dash Knight

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Dash Knight sends knights flying over castles to rescue the princess. She is locked in one of the high-rise castles, and the knights are looking for her.

Rescue the princess

You are a knight assigned to rescue the princess. She was kidnapped by an evil force in a remote castle that no one knew about. The king ordered the knights to find the princess at any cost. However, the clues only stopped the princess in one of the high-rise castles. You need to take on the challenge of going through every castle to find the princess. If you walk through each castle, you won't be able to quickly find the princess, so this knight has a superpower of flying in the air.

Fly over castles

The princess is somewhere in the castle. You can't just hike through castles to find her. A super power you have is flying, it also helps reduce the time to find the princess.

One superpower is flying over castles. Stand from the balcony of this castle, jump and fly to the next castle. You can only land at the next castle via a pre-plotted path. Around this road there are only rocks piled on top of each other. If you hit a rock you will be knocked unconscious and have to do it again. Choose the right time combined with flying and jumping to get to the other side of the castle. The action repeats with other castles.

During the process of flying and jumping to the castle, coins will appear in some places. Collect them as you fly to the castle. Collecting coins can help you in your search for the princess.