Delete Story Dop Brain Puzzle

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Delete Story Dop Brain Puzzle is an entertaining game that uses an eraser to solve a situation. Each level has a question, use the eraser on the place to be erased to answer the question.

Use an eraser

In each challenge, on the picture is a question and you need to answer to answer that question. And the way to find out the answer is to use the eraser on the positions that you think are the best solution. Another result was revealed after using eraser. Erase at the right place to erase in each level. You will also experience many interesting questions in this game when playing many levels.

Puzzle with your wits

The game is not too difficult to find the answer and you can find the answer yourself by erasing the entire screen to find the answer. But we strongly discourage you from doing so. Let's really use your intelligence to analyze the question to find the most correct answer position. If you use your intelligence in many levels, you will feel your intelligence better, the way you react to situations is also faster.

This is a light brain game with not too difficult situations. To raise your intellectual level, try Minesweeper with more challenging challenges.