Dig Dig Dig

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Dig for gold in Dig Dig Dig

Dig Dig Dig mines gold in the ground. Mining gold with the old man using a gold mining pickaxe. Avoid digging into bombs or being crushed by rocks.

The old miner needs to do his job which is to mine gold in the ground. This is also the task that miners need to do. True to the job name, mine gold in the ground and find valuable things. However, finding gold is not an easy thing, so there are many other things underground. Rocks and bombs are the two most valuable things underground. It can also be an obstacle for you in gold mining.

The mining will not stop until you are crushed to death by rocks. So mine a lot of gold, use strategy so that rocks don't run and bombs don't trigger. From then on, he became rich from gold mining.

Things are searched underground

Gold is the most valuable thing for miners. It helps miners convert it into money and is the livelihood of miners. However, the amount of gold is not much and it is not evenly distributed. You have to dig very deep into the ground to find it.

Stone is what hinders you in finding and mining gold. Its size is not medium, it can crush you and kill you. You can't do anything else because it can't be broken. If you accidentally get crushed, you have to accept it. Or you can stubbornly avoid it if you go the other way.

Bombs are more dangerous than rocks. They don't kill you, but they have the power to explode things around them into smoke. If the bombs are surrounded by worthless things, activating it has no effect, but if it is surrounded by gold, you need to be very careful otherwise the nearby gold may evaporate.