Dinosaur Game QWERT

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Dinosaur Game QWERT is another version of Dinosaur Game. The gameplay is to help dinosaurs overcome obstacles in the desert as far as possible in a new version.

Legendary game Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game, also referred to as the T-Rex Game or Chrome Dino Game, is an endless running game initially integrated into Google Chrome as a hidden feature. Its purpose was to entertain users when they have no internet connection available. The objective of the game is for a T-Rex dinosaur to run through a desert while encountering obstacles such as cactuses and pterodactyls that must be avoided by jumping or ducking. As the distance traveled by the dinosaur increases, so does its speed, posing a challenge in achieving a high score.

Gameplay in Dinosaur Game

To initiate gameplay in the Dinosaur Game, you can start by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard or tapping on your mobile device's screen. To control the actions of the dinosaur during gameplay, you can use the spacebar to make it jump or duck in order to evade obstacles.

The game comes to an end when there is a collision between the T-Rex and an obstacle like a cactus. If this occurs, you have two options: either press the spacebar again or use your PC's "R" key to restart and attempt to surpass your previous score.

Dinosaur Game playing platforms

The Dinosaur Game can be played across different platforms including Google Chrome and other websites. It is accessible for anyone with access to either a computer or mobile phone connected to the internet. While simple in terms of gameplay mechanics, it requires good hand-eye coordination from players.

Other version in Dinosaur Game QWERT

Like the old version, Dinosaur Game, you will move the dinosaur across the desert and avoid obstacles on the way. Each time you pass an obstacle, you will receive a sum of money, which is used to buy control keys to help the dinosaur avoid all obstacles.

You will start with the up arrow key, this is a free arrow, this arrow has the effect of avoiding obstacles below. Once you make a few dodges, you'll need to spend money to buy further boosts to help you get through the mission. You can't help but buy them because obstacles won't spare you. Unlock all the helpers and use them flexibly because the running contest will have no end if you don't hit any of the obstacles.

The amount of money you earn is the amount you get after one play, the race has no end and you need to be sharp-eyed to avoid the obstacles in front of you. The dinosaur's running speed will also increase over time.