Doge Blocks

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Doge Blocks is a simple puzzle game inspired by different dogs. Put the blocks together to fit the frame. Perform in various challenges in this game.

Benefits of playing Doge Blocks

This game helps you to increase your intellectual ability by putting blocks together. However, the level of stacking blocks is quite simple, so you don't spend too much time in stacking them. More than that, this game is very suitable for young players, eye-catching graphics and vibrant sound immersed in this game.

How to play Doge Blocks

Put the dogs together

The blocks have many different shapes and each dog will correspond to those blocks. Simply stack these blocks together to make a square filled with dogs. You also need to choose an appropriate location so that the blocks are placed close together. Some widgets are arranged in a square, you can rely on that to choose which block to put in the first frame.

Variety of challenges

You will experience many levels of this game. The levels will have many different challenges for you to answer. Don't worry because here is no time, you can think or try many times until you find the answer.


Overcome many challenges, the game level will increase gradually. Sometimes you will encounter some difficult challenges, don't forget the hints in the right corner of the screen always support you.