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Dogeminer is a fun mining clicker game like Mr Mine. Help the Shiba mine the gold and go to the moon. Use the help of many other characters to complete the goal faster.

The combination of the clicker game and Doge meme

This is an idle game inspired by globally famous clicker game with popular Doge meme character version. This meme character is taken from the image of the lovely dog Shiba from Japan. A combination cannot be more interesting from the clicker, helping the dog quickly achieve the goal of flying to the Moon as quickly as possible.

Make your goal to fly to the Moon

Hire outside support

To be able to achieve the goal of flying to the Moon, you need to mine a lot of Gogecoin as materials for your spaceship. You can't do it alone, so hire a lot of characters to help you with this task. Hire more manpower, you will quickly reach the Moon in the shortest time. Upgrade and use a variety of character support, choose a character with a high doge price, you will quickly earn dogecoins faster to continue using higher characters with higher prices.

Support characters

  • Mining Shibe: image of kind Dogecoins Shibe miners helping you to earn a lot of dogecoin.
  • Doge Kennels: A group of Dogecoins Shibe miners in a box along with the entire cage to increase the efficiency of Dogecoins mining.
  • Slave Kittens: kittens post cute videos on the internet, refer many others to earn dogecoin.
  • Space Rocket: uses rockets to fly to the moon to find more dogecoins, which increases your Dogecoins.
  • Moon Base: cites a base on the moon to earn more dogecoins.
  • Time Machin Mining Rig builds a base on another planet, inhabits it and lives with countless dogecoins.

Number of Dogecoins that can be mined in a day

As far as the data is collected in the game. One player can mine 154.39011937 Dogecoins with Dogecoins per sec of 9,500.00 MH/s, Dogecoin difficulty of 12,378,213.91 and block reward of 10000 Doge. This is considered the largest number and no one has been able to surpass this number. Can you surpass these numbers and put your name on the list of people with the highest score?

The origin for the game idea Dogeminer

Dogeminer is a game intended for the classic event in the history of the global currency market in 2013 called Dogecoin. Dogecoin is a virtual cryptocurrency founded by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. At first, Dogecoin was just a form of ridicule for wild speculation in Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies in 2013. Although satirical in nature, some saw it as As a legitimate investment prospect, it quickly developed its own online community. The image of a dog coin sways those who invest in the virtual currency and stock markets. Through many ups and downs with utopian projects, especially in 2021, Space X announced to sponsor Dogecoins for the project to the Moon, but the project has just stopped to be announced and not completed realitily. The Dogeminer game recreated the mockery of the Dogecoin coin of those years.