Duck Life Adventure

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Duck Life Adventure is about the adventurous journey of a little duck with the desire to become an explorer. Visit the outside world, help the duckling win many battles to make those places his territory.

Story of Duck Life Adventure

The little duck was watching TV, right at the time the news reported about Marco, he went on adventures everywhere and became the strongest duck that no one could dare to fight against. The little duck realized that this was his greatest dream that he wanted to try. He asked his mother to become an adventurer, but his mother wanted him to become a boring and settled doctor. Because his mother did not approve of his dream, he left home and conquered himself to become an adventurous duck that no one can defeat. Step out to visit the outside world as well as participate in competitions and win all those battles.

The little bird's journey to conquer the world

Coming into life with many strange things, you will meet many people. Visit everywhere and join battles, win competitions and make those places your territory. You don't have to worry because there is always someone accompanying you to show you what to do.

Collect cakes

The cakes are placed a lot on the street, it's completely free and no one is taking yours. The cakes are what helps you recharge after a fierce and exhausting battle. You must also be well fed to be able to fight successfully.

A competition between ducks

The duckling will visit the outside world, he can find any fights and competitions on the way. Listen to the rules of those fights and start fighting when ready. You can fight about running, swimming, fighting, ect. Participate in many battles and victories, your dream of becoming an adventurer that no one can defeat will come true.